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When it is time to start planning your next trip, consider Vacations are not only important, they are essential, so let their team of "Extra Effort Experts" help you connect with the best vacation itinerary possible. Each vacation locale offers a little something different for everyone. From mountain tops to bikini tops, from roller coasters to rolling coastline, Vacation Play is here to see that your vacation time is valued time.


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The package deal is a wonderful way to get away for a good price. The package includes discount digs at a nice hotel, and certificates to use for dinner and things to do. They go a lot of places, but we like HIlton Head, SC. You can book online at and pick where you want to go. I like to use them for our trips.

Molly M., Irmo, SC


Vacation Play Package is the Real Deal

If you get contacted about the special vacation package through FOR IT! We had a blast and got a great deal on everything we did. Very affordable, great customer service, nice rooms that are close to all of the fun stuff to do. We went to Hilton Head, but are looking at their other vacation packages too. Thinking about maybe the Bahamas next!?!?!

Timothy, C., Franklin, TN


Feedback on our VacationPlay Trip to Hilton Head, SC 

I wanted to give my feedback on our trip to Hilton Head, SC with We took the timeshare presentation tour and I have to say that it was the best timeshare presentation I have ever went on. The guy who was showing us the property and talking to us was absolutely amazing! If we had been in a better financial situation, we would have bought just because of how great he was! We stayed at the  Park Lane Hotel and it was a great place. It would have been nice to actually stay at the timeshare property or something very similar to the property that was trying to be sold. I think it would have made it a lot better to persuade me to purchase at Hilton Head, but I do understand that those villas are already reserved by owners. Thank you for the trip and for taking the time to ready my feedback,

Christopher T. Nivens


Time share tour at Coral Sands Resort is a pleasant surprise and a great bargain 

We did the vacationplay timeshare tour deal and it worked out great for us. We love to visit Hilton Head, but it can be kinda expensive especially during the summer when all of the fun stuff is happening.  For those of you have worries, it was for sure legit and it saved us a ton of money and we got to do some cool stuff we would not have been able to afford. It was even kinda fun to do the time share tour deal, because you got to see places on Hilton Head that you normally would not see during your visit. I mean for the 90 minutes, and the discounts and stuff we got, I would take it every time we go to Hilton head if I could!!!

Brad C., Jacksonville, FL


Good way to save money and visit Hilton head

Booked a vacation package with for our honeymoon and got a really good deal on a trip to Hilton Head. We always wanted to go there, but thought it may be too expensive, but the great deal from vacationplay gave us a chance to check it out (we love it!) and we also got some great discounts for family fun things to do. We are for sure going to visit again when we can stay longer next time.

Tracy and Jeffery, Lincoln, NE